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Nurturing Hopes And Dreams


Throughout many years, Aid To Schools charity organization has been able to brighten up blooming futures. Since the beginning, friends from all around the world has been get together to achieve all these past great social endeavors.

As the next step of the great social cause, this year we are planning to help Kukulapola Kanishta vidyallaya, Mahiyanganaya which has a great success in grade 5 scholarship with limited amount of resources. This School has lot of talents and a dedicated staff. We believe with a helping hand we can make a big difference..


Thank you very much for your continuous support for AidToSchool charity projects. We value every contribution. Therefore, in our fundraising, we want to ensure our supporters do not feel used, or over-burdened or unappreciated. Without you, our supporters, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Scholarship schemes
We also aim to provide a platform for potential expatriate benefactors to link up with needy school children in Sri Lanka through Scholarship schemes. Our projects page lists the current opportunities for such scholarships.
Our operations are carried by volunteers in Sri Lanka and it is our mission that all your donated money, in their entirety, reach the identified beneficiary with nothing lost in the form of salaries, commissions or other charges.


​Who We Are

We are a not for profit organisation operating from the UK, trying to build a bridge between rural schools in Sri Lanka with the expatriate Sri Lankan community here in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

Our Aim

From time to time we identify a needy school in Sri Lanka and aim to collect sufficient funds to support either the school activities or the children's welfare. Our volunteers in Sri Lanka visit the schools selected personally and identify the most pressing needs. We are surprised to find that some of the children in these schools do not even have the most basic necessities, things that are taken for granted by not just children here in the western world, but even from other parts of Sri Lanka. We aim to take a holistic approach in providing assistance to such schools, catering to both the school's as well as children's needs.



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