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As a potential benefactor, we kindly invite you to have a look at our current projects. We are sure that you will be impressed by what we achieve from your generous donations. If you too would like to get involved in this great initiative, here''s how


You could make a one off donation through our make a donation page. Your money will be used entirely for your selected project. By logging in to the members area frequently, you are able to see the progress made in each project you support.


You could also register your interest with us to contribute to a scholarship scheme. We ask that you support the scholarship scheme by sending a regular contribution, anything from as little as £2 (minimum 500SLR) a month, for a minimum period of two years. Once we have received your commitment and have identified beneficiaries we ask that you start paying the monthly contributions to our bank account. Contributions will be sent to Sri Lanka at the end of each month directly to the beneficiary''s account.

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