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You could register your interest with us to contribute towards the scholarships.

Our standard scholarship would be Rs. 1500 per month for a period of at least 2 years. At today''s currency exchange rates this could be as little as £7.50 a month and all we ask is that you commit for the minimum scholarship period. Once committed, it is important to continue your contributions, as breaking a scholarship midway through is not so desirable to the children we strive to support.


 Please identify your preferred beneficiary to receive your contribution from the following list. Then, simply send us an e-mail to If the selected beneficiary is still available we will write to you to confirm. This is the point at which you should start paying the monthly contributions to our bank account. If it can be arranged, paying your entire contribution up-front is preferred as it guarantees the availability of the scholarship for at least the minimum period.


All contributions will be sent to Sri Lanka at the end of each month directly to the beneficiary''s account.

Please join with us...

Your generosity is our strength. Each penny we receive from you adds up to a something; something that can be used to do a big change.

You can send your monetary contributions via following means.

Account Name : Aid To School 
Bank Name : HSBC (UK) 
Branch Sort Code: 40-24-17 
Account Number : 02556855

Account Name : Aid to School Children 
Bank Name : Sampath Bank (SL) 
Branch Name: Wellawatte 
Account Number : 103660999716

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